10 Best Shopify Builder Themes For Every Site 2022

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Shopify Builder Themes For Every Site 2022. Is it finally time for a new website? Or, are you finally ready to build yourself or your shop a website? If this sounds about right, you’re going to have to cruise through all the various Shopify Themes have to offer. The thing is, there are literally tons of themes to choose from! Although there aren’t all that many free themes to choose from, there are plenty of premium themes out there. 

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The question is, how do you know which theme is right for your business’s needs? No need to panic or feel overwhelmed. We decided to compile a list of the best designs for businesses just starting out, shops selling various products, and businesses focusing on one central product. We have included both free and premium themes, which will be highlighted in this article. Let’s get to it! 

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How to Know Which Shopify Theme is Right for My Store?

This is one of the first questions that will come up. How can anyone filter through all these themes to find the one most suited for their e-commerce shop? Don’t panic, but it is really important and invaluable to choose the right theme for your business. To start with, you’ll want to pick the best design for your store so that it’s easy for you to manage. Not only that, but you also need to take into consideration your audience’s experience. The right theme will make it easy and enjoyable for your customers to shop and, if not, more importantly, check out. 

Your eCommerce theme will help visually enhance your business’s product or services. The theme you choose will directly impact conversion flows, heightened buyer experience, and high-end style. Style is everything. Okay, maybe not everything, but certainly a whole lot! Additionally, most if not all of the themes are designed with built-in features so that you don’t have to get your hands tied up in the tech-savvy aspects of running your website. No code for me, no sirree! 

Here are some basic tips for choosing the best Shopify theme for your site:

1. Visit your competitor’s websites

Yup, you read that right. You’re not going to copy your competitor’s website per-say. What you should do is take some hard-learned tips from what works and what doesn’t work. For instance, consider this: have they been around for a while? Do they have a banging number of sales each month? Right, then you’ll definitely want to take some free notes. 

2. Know your Niche 

Most importantly, there’s no better way to pick your theme than based on your niche. Shopify is a platform that has been around for nearly 20 years now. Are you ready for this? 1.75 million merchants sell using the Shopify platform. That must say something, wouldn’t you agree? The theme that comes up as a recommendation for your shop, shouldn’t be taken lightly. Suggested themes should absolutely be taken into consideration. 

3. Free or not to Free?

Firstly, you’ll want to know your budget before you get started with your theme developer. This will absolutely help you as soon as you start scrolling through the myriad of options. Moreover, since there are over 100 free and paid themes, we decided to really get into it a little bit further down this article. There is a lot to consider when it comes to your budget and your user experience. 

Finally, using a free or paid theme, either way will save you money in the long run. Choosing the theme that’s right for your business will help you avoid developer and designer costs. And we all know, designer and developer costs can get very pricey. No one’s going to judge you if you decide to go for premium or free, that’s entirely up to you. 

​​Which Shopify Theme is Best for One Product?

To begin with, there are both free and premium themes that work for different products and stores. All themes are designed for a variety of users. Importantly, users with disabilities will be able to navigate any Shopify theme because all themes can be navigated by a keyboard and a screen reader. 

In the same vein, when choosing a theme you’ll want to take into consideration what’s best for your needs. Above all, you’ll want to consider customization, add-ons, functionality, and so on. If you don’t want to have to deal with any third-party apps (which can drive any one of us a little haywire), keep reading. Third-party apps will increase your spending and can be a little overwhelming. Certainly, some are useful, but mostly for those comfortable with using several apps. 

We recommend the following e-themes for One-Product eCommerce shops:

  1. Wookie
  2. Atlantic
  3. Narrative
  4. Shella 
  5. Boundless

[Guess what? Fret not! An in-depth breakdown of each theme mentioned above can be found further down this article.]

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Free vs Paid Shopify Themes 

Firstly, before we get into our top ten rated Shopify builder themes for every site, we did want to take a moment to evaluate paying for a theme. Secondly, we will also have a look at what free themes have to offer, and who can benefit most from this option. Both free and premium plans come with support. Free plans support advisors can advise you on designs that will help increase sales margins. 

Points to Consider:

1. Know Your Needs and Your Customer’s Preferences 

In order to avoid surprises, we encourage you to make a list of your needs and your customer’s preferences. Imagine their shopping experience and what they expect from your website. You should design according to their experiences. Know the content you will need to supply your customer or client. Make them feel like they are making an educated decision. Your theme and design choices will reflect that. Lastly, pay close attention to themes, colors, typography, and layouts. You want the theme to harmoniously reflect your business’s attitude, approach, and products.

2. If You’re a New Entrepreneur 

Free e-themes are a really fantastic starting point. It is incredibly important and valuable to invest in your online store and business. However, most of us underestimate how much we’ll need to invest in launching and kick-starting the whole project. If this sounds like you, we strongly encourage you to start with free Shopify themes. Finally, once your business has kicked off and your sales increase, then it’s time to upgrade to a paid premium theme. 

3. What Free Themes Have to Offer:

  • Light and flexible themes
  • Not ideal for heavy large images or videos
  • Open to adjustments and tweaking as needed
  • Themes are developed with a pre-configuration to support industry trends
  • Ready to set up and sell within 24-hours

4. What Premium Has to Offer:

  • More options and variety for showcasing products
  • For those who want to go beyond the basics 
  • More control over setting and design
  • Third-party themes are built by highly experienced developers and designers
  • Built-in features
  • Ready-to-go designs
  • Direct support from your themes developer 
  • Enhanced mobile experience 
  • Higher quality check out experience 

Top 5 Premium Builder Shopify Themes for One Product/Multi-Products eCommerce Shops

Let’s have a look at our top five picks for premium builder themes for your eCommerce shop. Some of these options are a one-time payment with a year of support. Meanwhile, others offer smaller packages at a more affordable price. This way you can choose a theme you absolutely need for your shop offered at various price ranges. Some of these themes even offer a free package for those just starting out. Let’s have a look at those themes, shall we? 

1. Wookie

Over 17k buyers have decided to go with wookie for their e-theme. To us that says a lot. Wookie has all the tools and modules one needs to generate a fast-paced site. It comes with a wide variety of design options, layouts, styles, and codes without needing to outsource and hire someone to do that part for you. Wookie includes special features that can help boost sales. This theme offers functions like a buy it now buttons, for smooth and quick shopping. 

  • Price: $99 / six months support or $130.50 / one year support.
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2. Atlantic

According to Rvere, the Atlantic Shopify theme ranked #8 for speed. You should know, that this comparison was held up against 83 other themes. Performance and load speed is always a big consideration for Shopify and all of their clients. Obviously, eight is no number one, but that’s still pretty darn good according to our books. The Atlantic Shopify theme is a flexible design, designed by Pixel Union. 

This theme is regularly updated, with four different versions to choose from Organic, Light, Modern, and Chic. Each version can get you closer to your industry’s needs. Certainly, this is exactly what makes it such a popular choice for so many merchants. Atlantic is a user-friendly, minimalistic, and versatile theme. As far as capturing your audience via image, Atlantic’s got you covered. They offer you the chance to add a full-width video, high-quality images, and a slider to your homepage. We encourage you to try the demo, just to get a feel for it yourself. 

  • Price: $240

3. Debutify

Debitify offers free and a variety of paid options. This makes it ideal for those entrepreneurs just starting off. More importantly, when you’re ready to upgrade, you have the option to stick with your theme. Finally, you can then gradually work your way up to higher and higher services. 

It offers a wide range of flexibility when it comes to customizing your layout, product page, header, footer, and more. In each of the Debutify versions, you’ll always have built-in features that are designed to increase revenue. The paid versions offer over 30+ add-ons. That’s not all! Lastly, let us not forget, that you get a whopping 50% off when you pay for a yearly plan – sure ain’t nothing! 

  • Price: Free // $17/Month or $114/Year // $47/Month or $282/Year // $97/Month or $582/Year 

*Note: Firstly, when considering the price of your theme, do take into account how much businesses spend on designers, coding, and building their websites. Many spend thousands on their website. Furthermore, we do want you to be realistic about your budget, but also about how much you might be saving. 

4. Shella 

Shella has many sales-boosting features to help you start off and increase revenue from the get-go. The theme is priced within a notably affordable range. You should know, that it’s one of the top-selling themes because of its many useful features. One of those features includes the add to cart button. This button is always in sight and easy to locate. They have a product video feature, a buy it now button, customer reviews, and more. Shella really offers its merchants and buyers a full and light experience. 

  • Price: $79 / 6 months support or $103 / 1 year support.

5. Icon

As the name implies, the Icon theme is one of the best themes for those who rely on the sleek image display. It will give your store a high-end feel if that’s what you’re after. Icon features include a navigation mega-menu, quick shop modal, and product image enlargement. These features help promote and push sales, encouraging higher revenue for your shop. Yes, please! Where do I sign up?

 Price: $240.00

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Top 5 Free Builder Shopify Themes for One Product eCommerce Shops

1. Snowdevil

As the name implies, this theme was designed for those selling winter gear or winter sports accessories. We encourage you to cruise through their demo site. You will immediately get that impression as you flip through snowboards, skis, ski boats, and other winter sports equipment. 

This doesn’t mean you should shy away from the theme if your shop is selling something entirely different. For example, let’s say you’re selling organic soap or children’s furniture, this theme can still work for your needs. The theme does have great features like a slideshow on the website’s main page, promotional widgets, various typography choices, colors, and multi-columned menu navigation. It’s a fabulous theme for those just putting their feet in the water for the first time. 

2. Narrative

Narrative, as the name implies, aims at telling your audience your story. This theme is recommended for smaller businesses with plenty of room for growth. The narrative is equipped with customizable image blocks, the option for a fixed navigation, and quote slides. Lastly, it also offers slideshows that can be curated according to your market and their shopping needs. One-product stores will also benefit from the layout and features of Narrative. 

3. Boundless

Looking for a versatile theme that comes with both a blog and eCommerce features? This is exactly an element of what makes Boundless such an attractive option. Shopify’s Boundless is optimized for large images and has sticky navigation (which means your menu will remain at the top of the page as your customer scrolls downward). Furthermore, it also offers the option of uploading a video on your homepage. Get this, your products can be displayed in a full-width grid style, which will certainly help increase sales and your client’s user experience. 

4. Debut

This theme is great for those who expect their clients or customers to be cruising through their site via smartphones, tablets, or computers. It comes with a built-in slideshow feature. Furthermore, it also has a crafty designed customer testimonials section. This helps increase sales and encourages other buyers to trust and purchase your product. Debut is best for those looking for a theme for their one-product store, or for those with a small catalog. Lastly, Debut also offers product recommendations to your audience and promotional banners to keep your viewers in the know on your latest sales, new inventory, and discounts. 

5. Supply

Lastly, but certainly not least is, Supply. Shopify’s Supply theme is a fantastic choice for those with a large inventory. Certainly, if you’re wisely and strategically looking after your budget. The navigation bar on Supply makes it easy and seamless for your customers to shop from one category to the next. 

Your top-selling and top-rated products will be well known to your customers as they move through your inventory. This easy-to-use theme works well on all devices and makes for a simple and straightforward customer experience. 


And that’s all folks! 

There’s an incredible amount of work and style that goes into designing and programming these themes. The developers and designers on both the premium and free Shopify themes certainly know a thing or two about eCommerce. Furthermore, they also have plenty of knowledge on how to run a successful online business. According to the one and only Shopify, choosing the right theme from the get-go is really important for both you, the business owner, your employee and your customers. 

Above all, when it comes to choosing the best theme for your product(s), it is really important that you invest the time in doing the research to find what best suits your needs. Have a look at your budget and market niche as well. 

We do want to encourage you to try out a few of those demo themes. This way you can make an educated decision. In other words, while something may sound great on paper, if you’re having trouble navigating and building the theme to your liking, it just might not be the theme for you. We recommend that you take it slow. Stick to your budget and find the right support team to keep your business running as smoothly as it ought to! 

Have any questions on how to run an eCommerce business in 2022? Or interested in learning how to increase sales? Or, how to grow your business? Do reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you and be of assistance in any way we can! 

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