10 Link Building Strategies That Actually Work in 2022

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So, you’ve built the perfect website and have set up the ideal theme to attract consumers to your shop or services? Then you’ve either hired a content writer, or you’re generating blog posts and articles yourself. Maybe you even really upped your game by paying for Google ads and you’re using social media to really attract a lot of traffic to your site. Now the big question is, how is your actual content and how are your link-building strategies? It’s really in the backlinks that have the power to trigger the initial traffic to your site and the top-notch content that will keep your audience engaged and shopping. Both engagement and check-outs are equally as important in our books.

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In this article, we will review how to make backlinks, how link building will boost your SEO, and how to improve link building. Finally, we’ll dive into the top 10 link-building strategies that will actually increase your visibility online in 2022. Let’s jump right into those link-building techniques! 

Is Link Building in SEO Still Effective?

Did you know that 53% of SEO experts believe that creating effective backlinks will be just as important for SEO as your everyday search? That’s because backlinks will help you rank for keywords that will drastically boost your traffic. Link building is the process of finding links to your written content in your blog posts. Link building has helped Google robots to discern which websites are more popular or clickable than others. 

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Has The Game Changed in 2022?

Link building in the past was one of the most effective ways for reaching the top ranks on search results. However, the algorithms have changed, which is why many are wondering if link building is still SEO effective. In short, the answer is absolute yes! While Google may have changed its algorithm, they’re still searching articles with backlinks and the surrounding words to determine how searchable it is. What’s important to note here is, that the links must be quality links. Why? Well, in order for them to rank high on Google search of course! More on that later on. 

Now let’s get into the exciting content. Let’s take a look at our top ten recommended strategies for link building in 2022. We’ve broken it down into 3 groups, our top 3 strategies, essential strategies, and final strategies to keep your website ahead of your competitors. 

Top 3 Link Building Strategies

As you may have been able to conclude, backlinks will greatly help your blogs and website rank higher on Google and beyond. What this means is that if you don’t implement the best backlinking strategies, your business will fall behind your competitors. That’s right. Take a deep breath and now let’s get into the good stuff. 

  1. Anchor Text Strategy

The anchor text linking strategy is for those who are just getting into the backlinking business. It’s the easiest to learn and implement, which is why you should definitely start here. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Select your first article to start building backlinks for
  • Find other articles that discuss a similar or relevant topic, but one that doesn’t exactly cover what your article is discussing. 
  • Add your target anchor text in your post
  1. Publish Link Worthy Content on Your Website/Blog

Besides attracting a large wave of consumers to your site by writing about extremely interesting topics, you can also be killing two birds with one stone. Figurative birds of course. You’ll also be able to generate articles that other websites will want to build links to. See what we mean? Link-worthy content is educational with engaging information. It offers answers to questions a large audience may have, like: “How to be more attractive.” According to Lifehacker, this question was one of the tops searched questions in 2021. Surprising isn’t it? You would think people were searching for more health-related questions, but nope. We still want to look attractive, even while in quarantine. 

What are examples of link-worthy content?

  • The article that gives How-to guidance and instructions
  • Blogs and Articles that will offer important and relevant data and trends
  • Content that hits the Entertainment and Inspirational mark
  • Last but not least, Evergreen content
  1. Make Use of Guest Posting

Guest posting might not be exactly what you may have expected. It’s actually when you write content to be featured on someone else’s website. Somewhere by the introduction or end of the article is where you will include a link to your business and website. This will help you gain more visibility from their audience, which in essence, is building your own audience. The trick here is to make sure that you write for the right folks. This means you’ll want to write for those who have a really large fan base and sites that are relevant in some way to your niche. Oh! And do make sure you get your featured bio by the end of the post. Lastly, you will want to ensure the content and title are catchy and engaging, which keeps your readers interested and curious. 

3 Essential Link Building Strategies

Our top three link-building strategies are strategies that are easy to implement. They are a great place to start to build on your SEO and generate more traffic to your site. However, it won’t and shouldn’t end there. Not when you have thousands of other businesses trying to catch and keep the same audience’s attention and trust. Below we’ll discuss three essential link-building strategies that will increase visibility and therefore increase sales. 

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  1. Reaching Out to Popular Sites

When you write really valuable content it’s going to be hard for anyone to find you. Sure you can use high-ranking keywords and pay for Google’s ads and the like. However, one of the surest ways to gain traction is by sending your content over to websites whose niche is related to the content you’ve written about. The idea is to share your website with those who will benefit from backlinking your content. When high authority sites backlink your articles, Google will register your site as a reliable and resourceful website. Furthermore, it will also help you expand your audience count in a tremendous way. You can take advantage of social media, reach out to the company and send over an email, and do your best to build a professional relationship with such high-quality sites. 

  1. Commenting on Blogs with Relevant Information

The only way to do this right is by commenting on blog posts in a relevant and useful way. If you just randomly share your thoughts and blog links on popular websites in their comment section, you won’t get very far. Google flags such activity and your post will be down before it could possibly attract consumers. The only way to do this is the honest way. We love that. Do your research and find websites that aren’t your competitors, but ones that are promoting content that you can tie back to your website. Then provide relevant information, show the audience that you know your stuff, and reap the benefits of sharing your wisdom in various locations around town. 

Avoid These Comments:

Lastly, before we forget, don’t leave generic comments that won’t attract much notice. When we leave generic and impersonal messages, we’re actually achieving the opposite consequence of what we’re going for. In most cases, you’ll create a sour name for your business and repel clientele. Not what we’re going for. 

You should also make sure that the comments you leave are coherent and grammatically correct. Comments where the potential audience can’t understand you won’t bring your site much traction. On the flip side, when you leave comments that help the readers understand questions they may have, you’re really on the ball. 

  1. Generate Some Commotion

One of the best ways to have other websites backlink your articles and business is by creating news-worthy hype. If you host a large event, post useful and important videos, or offer some sort of promotion, you’ll actually be achieving a few things. One, you’ll organically bring more customers to your site, and create more awareness of your business. Furthermore, your activity will lead to other businesses mentioning your happenings, which will only build on your fan base, which is exactly what we want. Make sure to pitch your idea and activities to various publications and businesses so they can promote your business and spread the word. 

Final 4 Link Building Strategies You Shouldn’t Skip Out On

So far we’ve covered six of our best tactics for creating more hype around your business through backlinks. However, that’s just the beginning of what you can do to gain more traction on your site. We need customers flocking to our site in order to generate more sales, which hopefully, only leads to even more sales and popularity. Let us now have a look at four important link-building strategies you will want to incorporate into your SEO plan. Then we will have a look at what to avoid in order to improve link building on your site. 

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  1. Images

You can’t even begin to imagine how much images can help when it comes to link building. Most people respond more to images than texts. The reason for this could be, according to Learn Events, that visuals are actually processed in the brain 60,000 times faster than texts. What this means is that we will certainly want to add original images to gain more backlinks. It’s really a sure thing. You’ve probably even experienced it yourself with other websites and businesses. 

How to Add Image Backlinks the Right Way?

Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. The right way to add image backlinks is to make sure the backlink takes the viewer to the page where the image is located. The wrong way to do this will lead your viewer to a page with just a stand-alone image. You do not want the image going to the image directory. Afterward, you can use Google images to see where your images landed, and if they are being used anywhere. Hopefully, you’ll find positive results! 

  1. Social Media 

Social media might just be the easiest way to gain visibility and improve sales. All you’ll need to do is share more posts and images. It’s best to do this daily because when it comes to social media, it’s not only quality it is also most certainly quantity. Use your social media to share tips, advice, and useful information. It doesn’t even matter if you’re new to social media. By simply increasing your activity you will gain more clicks and awareness of your business. This way, others will be more likely to share your posts and you’ll organically be building brand awareness. 

  1. Videos

Adding an abundance of videos will work similarly to how images and social media work. Send your videos to bloggers and websites who may be interested, and make sure to send over an embedded code. This way they can attach a link to your website when they embed or use your video on their site. 

  1. Produce Sharable Content

Finally, what might seem to be the most obvious link-building strategy is to produce sharable content. To start with, you can curate industry facts and statistics. This is one of the surest ways to get your content and therefore your website passed around the internet, which is no small space. 

Other Ideas for creating shareable content

  • Create your own chart, diagram, or infographic which can be useful to many other important sites and companies
  • You can also create useful tools for your industry. For instance, utilities, free products, or features. 
  • Build highly detailed and useful guides.

That just about sums up our top ten strategies for link building. However, instead of leaving you there, which is certainly enough, we also wanted to give you some tips on what to avoid. Read on for 3 tips for improving link building and what to avoid when it comes to link building. 

How to Improve Link Building

Got your top 10 link-building strategies covered? Not so fast. While you’re implementing the top strategies mentioned above there are a few things you’ll want to look out for. Specifically backlinks on your site that may need reviewing and updating. 

Here are our top tips for improving Link Building in 2022

  1. Avoid Broken Link Building

A broken link will lead your readers or potential customers to error-coded pages. This will certainly send your audience away. It also has the potential to ruin your website’s reputation. What you could also do, which will earn you lots of points and traffic, is find relevant websites that have broken links. Then, you’ll want to fill in those broken links with links to your site. Game on. 

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  1. Clean up Crew and Replacement Work 

This part is where you go through your old articles to find broken links and then replace them with updated links. This works not only with your articles but all across your site. This strategy will help you regain link value, and will improve your site’s overall SEO. Many websites experience lost or broken links when they go through major changes like rebranding or redesigning. Fix your internal links and then replace any URLs that need replacing. 

  1. Update old content 

Things are changing rather quickly, and it’s not slowing down. As trends change and new resources and information pop up, you’ll want to integrate these very relevant contemporary trends into your website. This includes both new and old content. Updating your old content will help boost your SEO and will ensure your content is as sharp and up to date as possible. This will also tell your clientele that your business is aware of the trends and knows exactly how to keep up with them. Old content that people find years later won’t look very attractive, especially if the information or style is outdated. 


We’re sure you’re about to be a pro when it comes to link-building techniques. While it may seem like a lot of details to be on top of, it’s really essential when it comes to spreading awareness about your business. Without these strategies and techniques, like link building, our website is vulnerable to getting lost in the crowd. There are about 1.17 billion websites in the world, 17% of which are active. That’s a whole load of competition if you ask us! 

If you need help boosting your business and gaining significantly more sales this year, then reach out to us. We’re composed of a team of professionals who can support you around the clock when it comes to building and boosting your website. Let us do the work, while you manage the sales. We’re happy to be of service! 

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