Fitness Frenzy - Unleashing the
Power of Online Sales

The Challenge

Fitness Frenzy, a small brick-and-mortar fitness equipment store, was struggling to make a splash in the online space. With limited e-commerce experience and no online marketing strategy, their sales were stagnant, and they were losing ground to competitors.

The Solution

Ataria Media implemented the GrowthPad System, focusing on identifying Fitness Frenzy’s most popular products and crafting irresistible offers. We designed and executed targeted ad campaigns on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon, while optimizing their online store for organic search traffic.

The Results

Within just 90 days, Fitness Frenzy’s online sales skyrocketed by 65%! Their website traffic increased by 80%, and their conversion rate jumped from a measly 1% to a whopping 4%. The store owner couldn’t be happier with the explosive growth and newfound online success.


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Fitness online retailer


Marketing System

Marketing Channels

Facebook Ads, Email
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