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The Stages of GrowthPad



In this stage we identify your Rockstar product and craft the perfect offer for your ideal audience.


In the Quicksprint we rapidly ramp up advertising around the offer we created. We test hard and fast to find the exact combination of creative and copy that will achieve results for you.


Building on the success of the Quicksprint phase we use the content and creative from the last stage to inform our large scale outreach campaign. In this stage we generate and reach out to thousands of contacts with a fully formulated offering.
 Power on

Power on

Finally, in the Power on phase we focus on long term growth. We use SEO and content marketing to continually build on our past success and generate long term traffic.

Case Studies

Fitness Frenzy - Unleashing the Power of Online Sales

Fitness Frenzy's limited e-commerce experience and lack of an online marketing strategy meant that their sales remained stagnant while they were losing ground to competitors.

Elegant Furnishings - Revitalizing a Furniture Empire

Elegant Furnishing's online presence was weak, and they struggled to communicate the value of their products effectively. As a result, they were losing potential customers to lower-priced competitors.

Gadget Galaxy - Dominating the Electronics Market

Gadget Galaxy's website suffered from poor user experience, and their limited payment options led to high cart abandonment rates. The lack of trust in their website further hindered their growth.

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Our Guarantees

30-Day Website Traffic Guarantee

Experience a significant increase in website traffic within the first 30 days, or enjoy an additional month of service at no cost.

Risk-Free GrowthPad System

Boost your sales by 50% in the first month or pay us nothing! Plus, take advantage of our 30- day satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not completely satisfied with our service within the first 30 days, we’ll refund your investment, no questions asked.

90-Day Sales Guarantee

We’ll generate at least 50 sales within the first 90 days, or we’ll refund your initial investment in full.

We understand the challenges
online retailers face:

High customer acquisition costs

Inadequate product information

Ineffective marketing strategies

Limited payment options

Low website traffic

Lack of trust

Poor user experience

Price competition

Frequently Asked

You can learn everything you need to know about the GrowthPad system from our free downloadable eBook above.

With the GrowthPad system the key is to get results early and continually improve on the results. Thats why we aim to generate an additional 30 – 40 new sales in the first month.

The GrowthPad system has three distinct tiers to fit any budget with different levels of involvement from the Ataria Media customer success team. 


At the higher pricepoint we will design and implement the strategy for you ensuring that every benchmark and metric is met. Get in touch with our team to learn more. 

The GrowthPad system works best with higher ticket eCommerce items, however the principles software and techniques can be applied to lower ticket items as well. 

The GrowthPad system will focus much of your advertising “Rockstar” products. We encourage our clients to engage fully with the process, however if there are marketing activities that have been showing success these can be folded into the GrowthPad system.