Google Ads Case Study

Budget: $3,000/Month
Target Location: USA

Pre Workout


Our client has a Shopify store to sell Premium Sports Supplements. eFlow Nutrition are to bring you, the consumer, affordable, effective, and high quality sports supplements.


When the client reached out to us, his Google ads account wasn’t performing at all. The sales and spend of every day on ads were quite low.


Along with hyper-targeted campaigns, we run robust remarketing campaigns to drive more conversions. As a result, Ad engagement began increasing, the sale and conversions

Approach Testing Campaigns was Essential

We focus on conversion product categories. Split the campaigns in Search, Shopping , Display and Remarketing. Also, ran the Brand Awareness campaigns to increase the brand recognition.


  • Conversions Increased By: +262.44%
  • Conversion rate Increased By : +16.95%
  • Revenue Increased By: +264.38%
  • Budget Incraesed

Campaign Stats

campaign Stats