Our eCommerce Success Story

Brand Challenge

The brand manufactures natural skincare products. Despite a widerange of effective products, they were struggling in accomplishingtheir sale targets. They were looking at good returns on theinvestment from paid ads.

Our Recommendation

We saw the real potential in launching Google ShoppingCampaign, so we recommended that they must invest some oftheir marketing budgets into Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to takeadvantage of this powerful new route into the search results.


Upon taking over the account, we started our process with market analysis to determine the opportunities and competitiveness. Once done with our initial analysis, we moved to the next phase to setting up a Google merchant account and linking it to Shopify. The next step was to setup a Google ads account and start off with a shopping campaign with automated bidding to collect data initially.And once we had enough data we move to smart shopping campaign.

Key Metrics




Increased Imp.


Reduced CPC

campaign Traffic


The smart shopping campaign turnedout to be successful in improving salesand delivered higher ROI.

  • Received 83.8K impressions
  • Delivered 1.36K orders
  • Generated revenue of $12,864 just in a month
  • 76% of sales came from mobile devices
  • The conversion rate increased by 23%
Ecommerce Traffic
Device Traking