The website is an ecommerce unit who sells LED Therapy Lights worldwide. They have the Quality products and also a good name in the local market but they had to expand their name throughout the US and across the world too.

Platinum Therapy Lights


Selling LED Therapy Lights is a competitive thing

Especially when it comes to search engine results!

Platinum LED had an established Google Ads campaign, but without a dedicated PPC manager its efficiency had dropped. Knowing that effectiveness and efficiency are especially important in the world of Digital Marketing, they approached us in need of an update.

When we got this project, they were struggling with issues in their Google Ads account which are as following:

  • Budget is not being spent i.e. low spend
  • Low amount of conversions
  • Low Revenue
  • Low ROI


  • Increase the Traffic
  • Use full allocated monthly budget
  • Increase the quality of traffic
  • Decrease the Average Cost per Click
  • Drive more Conversions/Leads with a lower Cost per conversion
  • Increase Revenue & ROI


  • To increase the traffic, we need to dug deep and do a deeper keyword research in order to get high quality clicks and also optimized the product feed.
  • To increase the sales we need to add relevant and attractive ad copies which will help us in getting the visitor from the SERP to our website. We also need to check our landing pages that they are good enough and have adequate amount of content to convert the visitor.
  • Use of our budget in a smart way so that we somehow manage to use it on the converting or performing keywords only. This part also consists of using the favorable bidding strategy and bid adjustments as per requirement and condition of the campaign.


After putting our knowledge and experience together, we were able to get this account back on track. We were managed to get the following things done:

1. Increased the sales which means our ads are getting clicks most of the times whenever showed on the SERP

2. Decreased the Average Cost per click of keywords which help us in getting more clicks within the same ad spend

3. Managed to get more number of conversions with lower Cost per conversion.

4. The Revenue generated is now increased

Tracking Table

Though we can see some downfall in April,2020 but its due to pandemic which hits everyone badly but we never stop the work and keep doing the hard work and our revenue keeps increasing and we overcome that pandemic hit now.