The website belongs to lighting and furniture design, who has running the campaigns related to lighting but they are struggling with high spend & not enough revenue.



When we got this project, they were struggling with issues in their Google Ads account which are as following:

  • High CPC
  • Lower Number of Conversions
  • Low Conversion Value
  • Low conversion
  • High cost per conversion


  • Increase the quality of traffic.
  • Decrease the Average Cost per Click.
  • Drive more Conversions with a lower Cost per conversion.
  • Increase the conversion value.
  • Increase conversion Rate.


  • To increase the traffic, we need to analyze the data on product & keyword level and need to use good performing keywords and products
  • To increase the CTR we need to add relevant ad copies which will help us in getting the visitor from the Search Engine Results Pages to our website.
  • Use of our budget only on converting or performing areas and keywords. This part also consists of using the advantageous bidding strategy and bid adjustments as per performance.
  • Spend more on Converting Products and not unnecessarily on non performing products


After putting our knowledge and experience together, we were able to get this account back on track. We were managed to get the following things done:

  1. Decreased the Cost per click of keywords which means we will get more clicks within the same ad spend
  2. Managed to get more number of conversions with lower Cost per conversion and higher Conversion rate.
  3. Conversion Increased by 103.84% & Conversion Value is 2*X
  4. Cost per conversion decreased by 66.80%